What does Women of Hope Unite do?

Women of Hope Unite join together to build life-living relationships to find the gold in one another, the passion that inspires them, and the injustices that angers them. Together we connect passion with purpose to influence, impact, and transform culture.

We are a network of women coming together through Christ to give glory to God.

A Woman of Hope is who you are and what you do already. When we hear of a need, we connect them with the person they need to meet to impact lives and build relationships.

How Do Women of Hope Unite connect?

  1. A Woman of Hope can connect with others through a network of women. We will create stories of each Woman of Hope to share through our network and get to know who each other are, what we do, the passions that inspire each of us, and the injustices that have impacted us to bring change in those areas creating legacy that lives beyond us and for our children.
  2. We will host quarterly gatherings (four total) with guest keynote speakers who are Ambassadors of Women of Hope. We will build life giving relationships, collaborate about calendar events and causes around smaller panels of women and specific causes and provide opportunities for women to sign up for special causes. Together, we will find a way to use each woman’s gift that God has given them to make a difference. 
  3. We serve together, we influence together, we create opportunity together, we empower women, we pray together, impact our world and bring Hope to the hopeless, share the Love of the Father through our lives, making dreams come true and destinies being fulfilled creating legacy for generations to come.